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Abiati:You`ll get a beautiful fight

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Milan`s Cristiano Abiati, manager of Milan, is expecting a good match between the Rosoner and Arsenal in the Europa League. The former goalkeeper of the Milan Grand Prix was present at the tournament`s draw and expressed his opinion on the upcoming collision with `gunners`. `Finally, there were four teams and I wanted to fall with Red Bull Salzburg, an incredible historic match with Arsenal, and it would be a beautiful match, but it is not an Arsenal of the past, but it is a good thing for us to stand upagainst them at this point, despite the state we are in, `Abitiy commented. The withdrawn watchman returned to the last match via soccer tips archive between the two teams in the European tournaments - the 1/8-finals in the Champions League in the 2011/12 season. `We won at home with 4:0 and then it was terrible at the London rematch, we lost 0-3 and we risked dropping out. ` There was a heated conversation between us, the players, and we could not let go of it. that`s how we managed to hold on to the outcome that allowed us to move forward, and I hope we will not let go of the old mistakes, `he remembers, expecting the San Siro to be complete and helping the fans to help the players.

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