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FIFA does not shave again for Atletico

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The news did not surprise anyone in Atletico Madrid. The Metropolitan has already become used to UEFA, and FIFA does not shave them for the plum. Among the world`s best 2018 nominees in football, there is no single los robinbalancos player, as he was expected to be rated at least by Antoine Griezmann after his strong performance at the World Cup with France and the club trophies won in League Europedeclared the best player in the tournament) and the Super Cup of Europe.
Eventually, Grizzman dropped out of the list at the expense of Mohamed Salah from Liverpool, who made a great season but did not take a single bowl. There is no reasonable explanation for the attitude towards the Frenchman, whose only hope remains the Golden Ball. It is the right moment Enrique Cereso and Miguel Angel Hill to protest against this and, at the same time, to say aloud that their player is part of the super -lite -;something that so far speaks publicly only in the sports and technical headquarters.
The FIFA awards have clearly lost all their charm to the Hollists, because Jan Oblak, as well as Diego Simeone himself, was not appreciated. Just days ago, UEFA President Alexander Cheferin himself admitted the mattress`s goalkeeper to the best in the world -;opinion of almost all of Europe`s biggest clubs by soccer tips archive , and eventually not placing it in the prize accounts. The same holds true for Simeone, although in his case there may be more arguments not to fall among the nominees because there are the finalists of the World Cup in Russia plus Zinedine Zidane, who won the Champions League with Real Madrid for the third time in a row.
Still, it`s a pity. Today`s Athletes are an essential factor in world football, and only FIFA does not recognize his merits. They lose.
Manolete, AC

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