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Emery:Liverpool can finish the season without losing

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Arsenal manager Unai Emery believes Liverpool`s performance and formulas are in favor of Merseyside ending the season without defeat in the Premier League. The team is not Jurgen Klop is the only one who still has no defeat in the championship on Saturday the leader accepts exactly Anfield Arsenal. `It`s a big game for us and for them, and they are still not lost and confident, and I`m following their progress in the last year, and I can say they are at their bestThis game is a great challenge and a great test for us. `` We already met with Eirrats and finished 1:1. `It was a good match predicted by faq for us, but I think Liverpool will be different. good position after the first half of the season We have to continue the process We have 38 points so far We need more but not a bad achievement at this stage, The Spider of the Spades. Asked whether Liverpool could repeat Arsenal`s 2003/2004 season when Wenger finished the season without a loss in the championship, Emery replied, `For the moment they are doing it and I think they can do it. Three years ago, we played against Seville in the Europa League final, and Liverpool`s progress was clearly visible Three years ago they were out of the Champions League, and the way they walked is an example, but we must also require that we take this step. `

Blog for soccer picks

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