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LeBron scored 26 in his debut, but the Lakers lost

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The long-awaited event happened and LeBron James debuted for the Los Angeles Lakers, but despite his intense play, NBA`s sixteen-time champions retreated to Portland, 119:128, in their first season match. The King started as Luke Walton`s light wing, and Rango Rondo, Centaurius Caldwell-Pope, Brandon Ingram, and Dj Vayal McGee were on the Oregon floor.

33-year-old James scored 26 points in 37 minutes, completing his stats with 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 ball and 6 mistakes. James fired 9/13 for 2 points, 0/4 of the trophy and 8/9 for the penalty line, and his most spectacular performances were two thunderstorms.

LeBron arrived at the Lakers in the summer, signing a four-year contract totaling $ 153 million, and for the first time in his professional career he left the Eastern Conference. The winger, however, continued the tradition to start with a new team with a loss and is now 0-4 in his first matches for new teams - losses in his debut for Miami, and both times in Cleveland.

California guests started well and led a 10 point difference in the first part, but afterwards the Trail Blazers equalized the game and caught up with their opponent to turn things in their favor for 31:34 in 12 minutes and 63:65 at half time. The match was a good match in the third quarter, and El Kee repeated several times, but before the final, the hosts were still ahead - 91:93. They pulled away at a greater distance at 100:107 seven minutes before the siren, then increased the distance to 104:114 and did not look back to close the match via soccercapper at 119:128.

Damien Lilard with 28 points and Sie McCullum with 21 were topazers of the Blazers` starting petition, while summer standings Nick Stukskas impressed with 24 points from the bench (5/8 of the three). Evan Turner also scored 13 points and 6 assists as a reserve.

Josh Hart scored 20 points for the Lakers, Brandon Ingram added 16, and Kyle Kuzma (15), DjVale McGee (13) and Rajon Rondo (13 and 11 assists) added the score list to at least 10 for the guests.

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