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Soccer tipsters The Vidal case is a threat to the shattered ship `Barcelona`

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Last summer, Barcelona`s leadership suggested senior coach Ernesto Valverde to lead Arturo Vidal after he knew the footballer wanted to change the situation after three years in Bayern Munich, which would lower the cost of the operation. Valverde refused because in consensus with the then technical secretary Robert Fernandez and his people decided that it was better to call Paulinho -;Brazilian national team, who initially raised a number of doubts, but he gained the audience with dedication, discipline, behavior and, last but not least, performance.
After Paulinho`s return to China and the renewal of the technical secretariat, Barca finally bought Vidal because he considered it the best Brazilian change for Walverde`s needs;midfielder between two penalty fields, strong physically, working in defense, but skillful in his attacking attacks. All this, however, seems to have not changed in the last year the coach`s initial opinion of the player, who, contrary to what he himself predicted on his arrival, is entering the titles more with his actions outside the pitch than with those inside. A pretty complicated situation.

Valverde, who has seen more of the merit of the card when choosing a team, did not give him the lead at the start of the season, as he did with other summer retirements. When a person has the qualities and is preparing well, he can adapt to any team, Vidal responded after his first game as the titleholder;equality against Girona. These words did not get any effect, and the midfielder had no more playable minutes, but an ever-increasing anger. He was obviously annoyed by his turn over Athletic Bilbao and was angry when he stayed on the bench at Arthur`s expense against Tottenham Wembley (the best match of the Brazilian season season) because the club by soccercapper had told himwill be a mandatory champion in the expected more physical matches where robust combats are needed.
Arturo knew where he came from, as all our additions were known, said Cannes Barca, although the player`s background explains that the Chilean has been told that Pauliney`s playing minutes will go into his asset. Only where they are now heading to Arthur, who twice received the title spot in the center, and commemorates this trust with technical and very clever football, allowing the team to have excellent possession of the ball;preferences from the old dogs in the Messi, Pique and Busquets style. Let`s not forget another thing:the Bayern Munich`s minutes in the Bundesliga have been steadily declining over time;from 2048 in the first year, in 1823 in the second, and only in 1457 in the latter.
The return to Vidal`s stay in Bavaria helps us to explain his sport-technical situation today. Barca and Bayern are teams that are characterized by the desire to dominate the opponent by dominating the ball with the so-called positional play. The big difference between the two teams is that the Bavarian has no Lionel Messi who, according to his statements from Munich, is the best player in the world.

When the teams play against Messi, they do their best to limit his temper

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