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Soccer pick How Manchester United missed Frankie de Jong and Matthias de Licht

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Derek Langley, the former head of Manchester United`s scouting department, described what players were on his roster and was proposed to various coaches and executives in the team and subsequently rejected.

`One of the players Manchester United gave up on is central defender Matthias de Licht. Only one Lord knows how many reports we have presented for him. Frank de Jong, as well as other players currently popular throughout Europe, have also been represented byme and the people in my team, but they were not taken for one reason or another, one such is Dayot Jupamekano, who now plays for Red Bull Leipzig, says Derek Langley, quoted by the Manchester Evening News.

He added that there were many reasons for players not being attracted, one of them being too slow a decision making and too much administration on the floors to reach a positive development.
`One of the reasons for my meeting with the vice president of the club, Ed Woodward, is to explain to him that I am not convinced of the competence of some people in the club mentioned by contact soccer picks structure. If you think I will sit and say what the owners want to hear, then look for someone else for that. I`ll tell you how things are at United in the end. Maybe that`s why I get fired from the club. When they sent me, Manchester United thanked me for the work I did andfor the players I brought in. But the team could have been better off anywhere ifhad listened to and picked up some players as small as they were for much more modest sums, Langley said, quoted by the Manchester City News.

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