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Soccer tip Finally: Good news came before the clash with Chelsea

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Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino received the good news after it became clear that Lucas Moura, Musa Sissoko and Victor Waniyama have been recovered from their injuries and will be able to play in the upcoming Champions League game via soccer livescores on Thursday.
Most important is the restoration of Moura, who will have to step up the attack on the team, which is currently an unenviable position after the injuries to Harry Kane and Delhi Ali and the absence of Hyun-min Son, who is with the Republic of Korea national team in the ChampionshipAsia.

`Sisoko and Lucas Moura will be in the squad for the match with Chelsea, while for Waniyama we hope he is ready for the match in the weekend, ` Pochettino said at a press conference before Chelsea`s visit.

Despite many injuries and absences, Pochetino said he was pessimistic about the club`s chances of attracting new players by the end of the transfer window. `I am open to the idea of u200bu200battracting new players. It was the case in the summer, so it is now, but the reality is that we can hardly get someone to help us improve dramatically. But nothing is yet known, ` said Pochetino.
Tottenham defeated Chelsea 1-0 in the first leg between the two League Cup semi-finals and Stamford Bridge`s draw or draw will qualify for the final of the tournament on Thursday.

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