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Dirk Nowitzki, who ended his racing career less than a week after 21 seasons in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks team, said he saw himself as a coach one day. `After one or two years I see myself as a very lucky coach or manager, ` said the 40-year-old German, who will soon be accepted in the Hall of Fame. `I want to be a mentor for young players and to help them develop the way I did it, ` Nowitzki told the German edition of `Die Zeit`. `Last week I ate a lot of cake and drank my first glass of wine after 10 years of abstinence, which was incredibly warm after the first sips I feel wonderful, ` said Nowitzki, who is sixth in the everlasting score points. The German giant also said the injuries and pains in the body did not allow him to continue his racing career for at least another season. `What I did not want to happen under any circumstances was to say goodbye to the game, sitting on the couch at home and wondering why I had done it. ` My body was not good, and the surgery I hadmy legs over the past year, did not affect me in the best way, and I knew I could not be in better shape, so I decided that now is the best time to stop, `Nadinki said.

Blog for soccer picks

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