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Soccer tip The league in Spain with a new proposal to Barca and Real Madrid

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The Spanish Football League has proposed a new date for the derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid and this is December 4 (Wednesday), Cadena COPE announced. The two clubs analyzed by faq have until 9pm today to answer if they agree. The meeting was generally scheduled to take place the following Saturday (October 26th), but was postponed due to the on-going protests in the Catalan capital, which began following the conviction of referendum organizers for the secession of the area from Spain.

Until yesterday, the League suggested that El Clasico should be held on December 18 (Wednesday), but this option was eventually rejected, because then there were scheduled early rounds in the Spanish Cup, in which Barca andReal Play, as well as one of the semifinals of the World Club Championship. The idea is that a possible Camp Nou derby will overshadow the rest of the games.

However, according to Catalunya radio, the champions will not agree to a clash on December 4.

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