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Soccer picks Stuttgart took a sweet rematch from Hamburger

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The Stuttgart team qualify for the third round of the German Cup after a success of 2:1 after extra time (1:1 in regular time) when visiting Hamburg Hamburg. Just days ago, Sport Ferrain broke the Mercedes 6-2 in the Second Bundesliga match.

In the first minute the guests won a penalty. Holger Badstuber passed to Forster, who was overthrown by Jung. Nicolas Gonzalez scored from the 11 yards with a shot in the center of the goal. In the 16th, Sport Ferraine leveled after a new penalty. Santiago Askasibar made a string without playing with the ball and this gave the referee a chance to award a penalty shot by Aaron Hunt. In the second half, both teams had a good chance of hitting, but failed to realize them and came to extra time.

The more insistent play of the Mercedes gave birth to a goal in the 113th minute. Al Gadawi scored, taking advantage of the clash in the home side`s penalty area after striking the post. In the 120th minute, Sparrein claimed a penalty shootout. The repetitions did not clarify the situation, and the lack of VAR did not give the hosts grounds for more violent protest.

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