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Napoli appealed the punishment of his coach Carlo Ancelotti. The mentor was kicked out during a duel with Atalanta after being attacked by referee Piero Giacomelli for not fining a penalty or consulting VAR in a clash between Simon Kjaer and Fernando Jorente. The specialist is now being punished for missing the clash with Roma on Saturday, but Neapolitans are hoping the penalty will be lifted at the last minute by the Italian Federation.
Ancelotti and I were just trying to calm the players down to finish the game. You can`t give a red card to someone who is trying to help. The referee`s explanation was: I had to do something to stop this mess. We see anomalies every weekend because of the lack of confidence on the part of the judges. We no longer know who is running the match, whether he is the arbiter, whether he is a VAR or a side referee who never lifts an ambush, even if it is obvious that he does not have to be held responsible. We want clarity and respect. The people of Naples deserve respect for all the good things we have done in recent seasons. We cannot be accused of inaccuracies on our part. We do not want to be helped, but we want clarity. I`ve never seen anything like this in five years. There must be a reason why VAR should not be used in this situation. The Dane threw himself at the Spaniard, who was trying to protect himself. Otherwise he would not be hit in the face. It was a clean shot. VAR must be managed by former players with 20 years of experience who understand the dynamics of the game, said Napoli Sports Director Cristiano Giunti.

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