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Soccer predictions Cagliari took Fiorentina and entered the threesome

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Cagliari recorded a fourth win in his last five Serie A games after defeating Fiorentina 5-2. The victory climbed the team to third place in the standings before playing the other matches in the Italian circle. A brilliant game was played by Raja Ningolan, who recorded three assists and scored the last goal for his team.

Rolando Maran`s team decided the match analyzed by contact soccer picks by halftime, taking a 3-0 lead. Marco Horn`s first goal came after an excellent one-touch combination. Seconds later the hosts could double their advance, but Milenkovic managed to block Joao Pedro at the last moment. Cagliari continued to dominate and, in the 26th minute, defender Pisacane made it 2-0 after a header. The third goal fell after a break from Naingolan on the right. After saving the goalkeeper, the ball returned to him, and the Belgian let go to Giovanni Simeone, who sent the ball into the net with the fifth.

By the middle of the second half, Cagliari scored two more goals. Naingolan first assisted Joao Pedro, and then signed himself with a great long-range shot. Already assured of success, the hosts allowed Fiorentina to reduce to 5:2. 19-year-old Serb Dusan Vlahovic scored two goals to help the Florence guests leave for a less humiliating result.


1:0-Horn (16)

2:0-Pisacane (26)

3:0-Simeone (34)

4:0-Joao Pedro (54)

5:0-Naingolan (65)

5:1-Vlahovic (75)

5:2-Vlahovic (87)

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