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Soccer tipster Kazakhstan beat San Marino, but the outsider was also a joy

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Kazakhstan won 3-1 in their visit to San Marino in the penultimate match advised by soccer picks of the two teams in the Euro Qualifiers. The former Soviet republic predicted the outcome of the duel before its first half hour had expired, having already led 3:0 in the 26th minute. In the 22nd Gafurzhan Suyumbaev doubled for his team, and four minutes later Alexey Shchetkin rose to 3-0 in favor of the guests. However, the hosts have also had some joy after reaching their first goal in their last 18 games. This came in the 76th minute when Filippo Berardi took advantage of an unprecedented exit from the opponent`s goalkeeper and sent the ball into his empty net. So they broke their head and drought on their own land, which lasted 6 years.

Kazakhstan collected 10 points and placed fifth in Group I with 10 points, second only to the fourth Cypriot difference. The San Marino underdog is at the bottom of the net with 46 goals but one goal already.

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