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Soccer predictions Liverpool stayed on top but again failed to beat Napoli

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The Champions League Group E leaders Liverpool and Napoli failed to win and secure a place in the next phase of the race after finishing in a 1-1 clash at Anfield. The visitors led by a goal from Dris Mertens in the 21st minute, which remained their only dangerous attack in this match. After that moment, and especially during the second part, Carlo Ancelotti`s team thought only of the defense. Liverpool leveled through Dejan Lovren (65 `), but this time failed to make a complete turnaround, as he has done many times since the start of the season, and failed to take revenge for the defeat in Naples in September. Thus, to qualify for the 1/8-finals, the European champion does not have to lose from Salzburg as a guest in the last round. Napoli, on the other hand, will have to secure his move into the next phase of the household against outsider Genk.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop has made three changes over a match against Crystal Palace over the weekend. Mohammed Salah returned among the holders, replacing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Joe Gomez takes the place of Trent Alexander-Arnold as James Milner joins the midfielder at the expense of Georges Wijnaldum.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo, who generally plays as a quarterback, began in the role of right wing in the rather defensive formation of Carlo Ancelotti. Dris Mertens`s partner in the attack was Irving Lozano. Lorenzo Insinia missed the match due to a injury.

In the first 20 minutes, almost nothing interesting happened at Anfield. The bad news for Jurgen Klop, however, was that Fabigno was injured and was replaced by Wijnaldum. Shortly after, Milner and Firmino combined very technically in the penalty area, but at the last moment the midfielder`s pass was cut off.

In the 21st minute, Napoli led from nowhere. Mertens jumped into an aerial duel with Van Dyke in midfield. The Dutchman fell, but the game prediction by soccer picks continued. However, this opened up space for the home defense, and Di Lorenzo sent a great pass to Mertens, who shot forward. The Belgian shoots very technically in the far corner, giving the guests an advance. The VAR has examined the situation for both a possible offense against Van Dyke and an ambush. After some delay, the goal was eventually scored. The good news for the hosts was that Van Dyke`s injury was not serious and after receiving help, he returned to the game.

After the hit Liverpool expectedly attacked more, but Napoli acted very organized defense. In the added time of the first half, referee Del Sero Grande was shown a yellow card by Jurgen Klop for his violent reaction after a foul against Manet. Milner did make a good breakthrough, which ended up with a shot in the near corner, but Merett killed.

In the 55th minute, Meret missed the ball after Henderson`s rebound pass, Firmino immediately attempted a shot to the goal, but Coulibaly cleared the line. Liverpool`s pressure was mounting, and the visitors had gone deep in the half and failed to take the ball. Salah`s shot fell into the hands of Meret, and Fimino failed to finish exactly with another good header from the hosts.

The logical thing happened in the 65th minute, when Soccer predictions - more details and information: Soccer predictions

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