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Recorder Lionel Messi comments on winning his sixth French Football Ball. Barcelona striker was ranked 1 in the world in 2019

I want to thank everyone who voted for me, "said the Rosario maester. - My teammates have helped me a lot for this prize, so I thank them too. I am very proud that I was able to rewrite history with my club, play for one of the best teams in the world. This is very important for me. But at the same time, this prize obliges me to keep working, because when you reach this level, people expect a lot from you. At the same time, years go by and one day I`ll give up. But I hope to win more trophies first, though, as time goes by very quickly. I do not stop to dream. Six Golden Balls this is unthinkable.
Messi is 32 years old, having only been at the Camp Nou Club for his entire professional career.

Official: `The Golden Ball` is for Messi

In the vote for the Golden Ball, he overtook Virgil van Dyke and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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