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Soccer tip A duel in Spain has once again proved the usefulness of VAR

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Getafe continues his brilliant performance in La Liga after beating Eibar 1-0 as a guest and taking fourth place before playing in the other rounds of the 16th round. Among other things, Ypurua`s duel proved once again the benefits of introducing Video Assistant Referencing (VAR) technology. In just one half, the referees on the pitch three times initially made the wrong decision, awarding a goal. In all three cases, however, VAR corrected them by noting policy violations, which made the hits in question not counted.

In the 52nd minute, Getafe`s team fired into the home net, but VAR indicated that there was an ambush. Two minutes later, the Basques realized, but here too the technology intervened to notice the play with the hand of an Abar football player on the attack. In the 89th minute, another goal by Getafe was not conceded again for an ambush. However, the team from the Madrid suburbs came to victory after a hit by Angel Rodriguez in the 67th minute.

The two teams hit a single beam, and in the final prediction by faq seconds of the added 8-minute stretch, Fabian Oreyana received a red card from Ebar.

The hosts are already in the knockdown, as they have made a fourth consecutive loss and are just above the relegation.

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