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Soccer tipster Klop: Hardly Mr. Simeone is very happy about this lot

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop comments on the draw for the 1/8-finals of the Champions League, which designated the Merseyside rival in the next phase to be the Atletico Madrid team. The German said he expected Liverpool to drop with a club mentioned by soccer tips archive from Madrid.

`Interesting draw. Even before it was drawn, I thought we could fall with Madrid - no matter which of the two clubs. It happened. We all have fantastic memories of Madrid, which is great. This time, however. we will play with Atletico at their stadium. It will be a difficult game. If you look at the whole lot, you will see that four or five of the potential finals will meet in the 1 / 8th finals. it will be difficult as it should be. I don`t think Mr. Simeone was running out of his living room happy that he wasLiverpool fell.

Both teams are used to playing intense football. Styles and organization, of course, is different, but it will be equally difficult for both teams, `said Klopp.

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