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Soccer predictions Leipzig snapped Augsburg for 31 minutes

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RB (Leipzig) extended their series without losing in the Bundesliga to eight matches. It happened after a 3-1 home win at Augsburg, with the latest defeat of the Red Bulls in the Championship dating back nearly two months - October 26. The players of Julian Nagelsman will be wintering at the top of the standings, legitimizing their leadership position with this success.

VAR came into action as early as the 3rd minute when Timo Werner scored, but the shot was canceled due to a hand play earlier in the same attack. Five minutes later, a new goal fell, but it was at the expense of the visitors. Augsburg took the lead after Marco Richter cut in from the right flank and Florian Niederlehnner slipped in between the home side`s central defenders and sent the ball into the net for 0-1. has arrived.

The RB (Leipzig) players came to a reversal in the second half, with Conrad Leimer giving the tone. The young Austrian midfielder took the ball in front of the opponent`s penalty box and then left no chance for Tomasz Kubek with a strong shot in the left corner - 1:1.

Patrick Schick took Leipzig ahead in the 80th minute when he was left alone with the opponent`s defense and scored unequivocally with the head for 2-1. Timo Werner for 3:1.

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