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Soccer predictions Merkel`s chief of staff: Fans must be able to return to the stadiums

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Fans should be able to return to the stadiums for next season`s Bundesliga matches, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel`s chief of staff, Helge Brown.

He told Bild am Sonntag that sporting events can be held with spectators with a social distance and a hygiene concept. Last season ended in the First and Second Bundesliga without fans in the stands due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The German Football League announced on Wednesday that it has sent a detailed concept to the Bundesliga and second-tier clubs according faq on how to manage the gradual return of fans for the 2020-21 season, which begins in mid-September. The Ministry of Health confirmed that the plan contains key aspects of infection prevention.

Decisions on whether to release fans will be left to local health authorities for each club, and Brown said overcrowding should be avoided. The stadiums will not be sold out and everything must be well organized and controlled. Then they will no longer have to be empty, said Helge Brown.

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