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The return of basketball overseas is underway. The teams gradually went through their accommodation in hotel rooms in Orlando and the resumption of the training process, and have already played one of their three training matches. So far, almost everything looks great, except for fears of forming a new super team.
ESPN reporter Brian Windhurst said some agents and club predicted by soccer livescores members were worried about the consequences of so many stars living in several hotels. Windhurst explained that it is quite possible to see the creation of another super team due to the fact that the players will be in close proximity for months to come.

The analyst recalled the events of the summer of 2010, when LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch gathered in Miami Heath. The three were teammates on the US team just two years earlier. Kevin Durant also played in the 2016 Olympics with Clay Thompson and Draymond Green, and moved to Golden State a year later.
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