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Soccer prediction The agent confirmed: Coutinho wants to return to England

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Philippe Coutinho`s agent Kia Giorabchian has admitted that the Barcelona player wants to return to the English Premier League to continue his career. The player is currently playing on loan for Bayern Munich, but the Bavarians do not intend to keep him permanently, and his future at Barca seems doomed and he is expected to leave Spain. Due to the extension of the Champions League until August 23, I think it will be difficult for players like Coutinho to go to another team by that date - Jorabchiyan admits to talkSPORT - He has to think about the Champions League at the moment and qualify with Bayernfor the next round, and then he can play for Barcelona, believe it or not. It`s no secret that he wants to return to the Premier League if he can. He loves to play there and loves the championship. This is one of his priorities, but he also doesn`t mind staying at Barca, so there are many opportunities.

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The manager admitted that there is no lack of interest in Coutinho because of his qualities and success. This season, the 28-year-old Brazilian has 34 games in all tournaments from soccer tips archive for Bayern, and managed to sign 9 times and add 8 more assists. Arsenal and Newcastle are also interested in the former Liverpool player.

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