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Soccer prediction Benevento 1:1 Juventus, the hosts equalized

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The teams of Benevento and Juventus drew 1:1 with Ciro Vigorito in a match of the ninth round of Serie A. The goals were scored by Alvaro Morata (21 `) for the guests and Gaetano Letizia (45 + 4 `) for the hosts. Immediately after the match, the Spaniard received a red card.
Andrea Pirlo had made five changes to his lineup. In defense, Alex Sandro had given his place to Canluca Frabota, and in the midfield only Arthur remained a starter. Federico Chiesa, Adrien Rabio and Aaron Ramsey played around him. Cristiano Ronaldo, who was left to rest, was absent from the attack, so Morata and Paulo Dybala were partners today. The hosts were ranked 4-3-2-1 with Canluca Lapadula as central striker.

Before the match there was a minute of silence in memory of the late Diego Maradona. In the 11th minute Federico Barba shot from a small angle, but Wojciech Szczesny deflected his shot. Shortly afterwards, Lapadula attempted a header that went over the door. With their first more serious situation, the Bianconeri opened the scoring in the 21st minute. Morata then received a long pass from Chiesa, feigned Arthur Ionitsa and sent the ball into the far bottom corner of the goal. Five minutes later, the guests organized a good attack, which ended with an inaccurate shot of Dybala.

In the 28th Lapadula fell in the penalty area with claims for a penalty, but such was not awarded. In the 31st, Ramsey hit the ground, which was killed by Lorenzo Montipo with his foot. Two minutes later, Luca Caldirola left the field with an injury. In the 35th Dybala also fell in the penalty area, but again there was no referee signal. A counterattack ensued, in which Lapadula`s header flew past the door. In added time in the first half Pasquale Sciatarella shot dangerously, but Szczesny took aAfter his learned performance, Leticia equalized for the `flying witches` with a precise volley in the far lower corner of the door. During the break, the Neapolitan said that he dedicated his goal to Maradona.

In the 48th minute Ricardo Improta made a shot on the ground, which went out. In the 51st minute, Morata missed a `golden` chance for his second goal of the match according contact soccer picks after his header went close to the empty net. In the 62nd he tried a long shot, which turned out to be inaccurate. In the 86th Dybala shot on the ground from a comfortable position, but Montipo managed to shoot into aIn added time, the reserve Deyan Kulushevski shot after a foul, but did not hinder the opponent`s guard. This was the last goal position in the match. After the last referee`s signal, Morata got into an argument with the referee, for which he received a direct red card.

With its fifth draw of the season, Juventus collected 17 points and is in fourth place in the standings, ahead of Roma by goal difference. Benevento is 12th in the ranking with 10 points, as are the 10th Sampdoria and 11th Cagliari.

0:1 Morata (21 `)

1:1 Letizia (45 + 4 `)

Benevento: Montipo, Letizia, Glick, Caldirola, Barba, Hetemai, Sciatarella, Improta, Ionica, Caprari, Lapadula
Juventus: Szczesny, Cuadrado, De Licht, Danilo, Frobota, Chiesa, Arthur, Rabio, Ramsey, Morata, Dybala

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