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The Celta team recorded a resounding 4-0 victory over rookie Cadiz in the last match of the 13th round of La Liga. The devastating result is surprising against the background of what Cadiz showed in the last round, when they beat Barcelona 2:1. For Celta, this was the third consecutive victory that climbed the team from Vigo to ninth place with 16 points. Cadiz is seventh with 18.

Celta continues their rise with success in Bilbao (viedo)

Everything in this match from soccer partners was decided in the first 45 minutes, when the hosts from Vigo took an advance of four clean goals. The result was opened in the 6th minute, when after a quick attack Nolito scored after an assist by Iago Aspas. Celta continued to be the more active team on the field and in the 31st minute received the right to execute a penalty for a violation of the goalkeeper of the guests Jeremias Ledesma in the penalty area. Behind the ball stood Aspas, who doubled. Celta didn`t stop there.

A new strong slap, Barca is already 12 points from the top

In the 43rd minute Fran Beltran made the result classic with a shot from the edge of the penalty area, and in added time in the first half Bryce Mendes scored for 4:0 with a close header. In the second half, the hosts continued to harass their opponent. Aspas` shot hit the crossbar in the 60th minute, and three minutes later his goal was canceled due to an ambush. Celta reached the fifth goal in the added minutes, but it was canceled and so the result was preserved.

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