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Soccer prediction Solskjaer: Such matches are a lesson for the players

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not hide his satisfaction with the success over Sheffield United (3:2). This was the tenth consecutive victory of the `red devils` on foreign soil, but Solskjaer hopes the team will start to show the same perseverance at `Old Trafford`. `The victory could have been more convincing. At 3:1 in our favor we lost concentration. The fact is that the corner kick, from which the second goal fell for the hosts, was wrongly awarded, but then it became really difficult. `, admitted Solskjaer. Man United followed the tradition of another away win

`All our goals were wonderful. We knew that from a physical point of view the match would be very complicated. It was a real battle. It was one of those matches predicted by soccer livescores that became a valuable lesson forthe footballers `, the Norwegian continued. `
We need to improve our form at home. Of course, the difference between home and away is not so great when there are no fans in the stands, but we are more accustomed to the field of `Old Trafford`. The upcoming match with Leeds willis a big event, we have been waiting for it for years and we will be ready, `added Solskjaer.

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