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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane praised his players for the perseverance with which they turned Elche from 0:1 to 2:1 in the last 20 minutes of the match of La Liga. With this victory, the champions remain in the battle for gold medals in La Liga.

I liked the character, but I wished we had scored earlier. I prefer calmer matches. Our team has the necessary character. We still have chances both in the championship mentioned by blog of football picks and in the Champions League. We will continue to fight and believe in ourselves, the coach commented.
For the fourth consecutive match, his team scored after the 85th minute. This turnaround is important for both La Liga and the meeting with Atalanta on Tuesday. We showed patience and we succeeded. We have no right to make many mistakes, because there are only 12 rounds left. We must always win the three points, added Zizou.
The Frenchman also gave an opinion on the controversial situation in the 53rd minute, when Sergio Ramos claimed a penalty kick, but the referee ruled back. I do not want to go into the subject of penalties awarded against us and those in our favor. The referees do their job, and we try to do ours. I saw the situation and it seems to me that there was something, but the arbitrator ruled otherwise.

Zidane also explained his experiment to bet on a 3-5-2 scheme: In the end, we won. It is always useful when you have the opportunity to use something different. And in this building we created two or three situations before they put us on. And during other matches we changed the scheme. It is important for us to be able to play with three from behind.

We continue to fight and believe in ourselves, Zidane assured Soccer tip - more details and information: Soccer tip

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