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Soccer prediction Adil Rami: I don`t like this Argentina. They play dishonestly, very aggressively, with malice. France will win I think

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Adil Rami shared his thoughts on the match between France and Argentina in the 2022 World Cup final.

It will be stressful. We are in for a really stressful game. I would like to say [that France will definitely win]. I would like to say this, but I prefer to remain modest and cautious.

I don`t like this Argentina team. I really like Lionel Messi. I love everything about this player. This is a legend, one of the best football players of all time. I was lucky to play against him in Spain.

But the way Argentina behaves in this World Cup. . . They play very aggressively, with malice and act dishonestly. I don`t think they set the best example on the pitch.

I do not want to point to individual players, but, for example, Paredes. Of course, you can say that I just don`t like all the people associated with PSG because I was in Marseille. PSG is not an enemy, but an adversary. And I don`t like Paredes` behavior.

I think France will win. We had a lot of problems and injuries, especially when it comes to the Hernandez brothers. Too much stood in our way. Our players give their all, and it`s not in vain, " said the former French international who became world champion in 2018 and now plays for Troyes.

The 2022 World Cup final predicted by soccer livescores between France and Argentina will take place on Sunday, December 18, starting at 18:00 Moscow time.

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