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Soccer tipster Lewandowski from the 2nd attempt scored against France from the penalty spot on the 99th. Lloris took the first shot but came out early

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Forward Robert Lewandowski knocked out a penalty against France at the 2022 World Cup.

On the 7th minute added to the second half, referee Jesus Valenzuela awarded a penalty kick for defenseman Dayo Upamecano`s hand.

The captain of the Polish national team, having made several pauses before hitting, shot into the right corner from himself, and Hugo Lloris caught the ball.

However, the referee recorded a violation of the rules by the French goalkeeper - he prematurely left the goal line.

On the second attempt, executed in a similar style, Lewandowski scored in the 9th added minute: he shot into the left corner from himself, and Lloris jumped into the opposite one.

Photo: frame from NPO 1 broadcast

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