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Soccer prediction The head of the French Football Federation on One Love armbands: 32 teams from different continents, different cultures, religions participate in the World Cup. FIFA made the right decision

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The President of the French Football Federation (FFF) spoke out about the ban on the One Love headband.

FIFA has banned the captains of several national teams from wearing One Love armbands. They planned to use this bandage as a protest against all kinds of discrimination in society. Later, FIFA extended the campaign with other anti-discrimination bandages to the entire 2022 World Cup.

- We comply with FIFA directives, period. This World Cup will feature 32 teams from different continents, different cultures, different religions and with different challenges.

I think it is very right that FIFA has decided that everyone should wear the same headbands. At the World Cup, I adhere to the position of FIFA. When the Euro is held, I represent UEFA. And in domestic tournaments, the position of the federation prevails, " said Noel Le Gre.
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