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Soccer tipsters Pastore on leaving PSG: Nasser wanted to extend his contract, but it seemed unfair to me. I wasn`t good enough for the project

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Javier Pastore reveals why he decided to leave PSG in 2018

I spoke with management. I had one year left on my contract, but Nasser [Al-Khelaifi] wanted to extend the contract for another 5 years. I didn`t think it was fair because at the time I wasn`t at the level I needed to continue playing for PSG. The club prediction by live soccer events wouldn`t let me leave: You will stay, we love you and you will play. I was wondering where I would play - the team included Di Maria, Cavani, Neymar, Mbappe. . .

I was 29 years old, I wanted to play. I asked to be released because the level of the project was too high for me at that time - we made this decision together, - said the ex-PSG midfielder in an interview with Colinterview.
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