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Soccer predictions DeMar DeRozan on Chicago`s 4th straight loss: It sucks

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Chicago defender DeMar DeRozan commented on the defeat to Minnesota (126:150) and the team`s unsuccessful series.

The Bulls lost their fourth game predictions by buy soccer picks in a row and remain in 11th place in the East with an 11-18 record.

Totally sucks. Huge disappointment. This should be a lesson for us. We must understand what happens if we don`t do enough, if we act separately, without realizing in what moments it is necessary to act collectively.

We scored enough points to win the match, but to miss 150 is a complete failure and we have to feel that. We are depressed and disappointed. It is important to feel all these bad emotions in order to understand what is happening. This is the desire to win, competitiveness. It must be embarrassing when you miss so many points.

Nothing against Minnesota, but it wasn`t like we went up against 2016 Golden State. We have to play better, we have to be better individually and as a team, " DeRozan said.

DeMar DeRozan on Chicago`s 4th straight loss: It sucks Soccer predictions - more details and information: Soccer predictions

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