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Soccer tipsters Williams is in talks to bring Newey back (RN365)

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Newey could return to Williams.

The legendary engineer, who has decided to leave Red Bull and will be able to do so in 2025, had previously worked for Williams.

It was believed that the main contender for Newey was Ferrari, but some sources in the paddock believed that Adrian would still not decide to move to Italy, especially given his age.

According to RacingNews365, one of the contenders for Newey is Williams - team boss James Vowles has already held talks with Newey in an attempt to persuade him to return to the organization with which he won the first of his 25 titles - if you count victories in the individual competition and the Cup. designers.

Vholes has reportedly received agreement from the team`s owners to invest heavily in Newey`s move and the construction of a new team around him.

It is also noted that Vholes understands that Williams` chances of luring Newey are not too great, given that the team`s rebuilding process has only just begun and much of the infrastructure and workflow is considered very outdated compared to competitors, not to mention the leading Formula 1 teams.

Williams is in talks to bring Newey back (RN365) Soccer tipsters - more details and information: Soccer tipsters

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