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Marcelo will be out for a month

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The problems of Real Madrid continue after it became clear that Marcelo will be absent for a month because of an injury.

The Brazilian footballer had suffered against Real Betis when he left the game and a testing showed that there was a muscle tear.

That will remove him from the game for around 3-4 weeks, however, the team will monitor carefully how the rehab goes. It seems, however, that he will return to the end of October.

The bad news, however, does not end here, as Toni Kroos missed practice today. It turns out that he is in pain after the match against Real Betis, where he has played 90 minutes and will miss tomorrow`s match via faq with Alaves.

Besides them, there are some other players who will be out for the clash in Vitoria. These are Karim Benzema, Mateo Kovacic, Theo Hernandez and Vallejo, which means Zidane will have at his disposal just eighteen players.

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