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Sporting has secured Europa League, but dreams of something more

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The Sporting team defeated Greece`s Olympiacos 3-1 in a Champions League group D meeting and secured as a minimum the participation in the Europa League eliminations in the spring. The Portuguese won seven points and had one less than the second Juventus, while Barcelona secured a 0-0 victory in Turin at the same time. Thus the fate of the second position will be decided in the final round, when Sporting visits Barcelona, and Juventus will travel to Piraeus for the match with Olympiacos.

The start of Jose Alvalade`s game did not make such a loss for the guests. The match was equivalent to the final from soccer tips archive five minutes of the first half when the visitors` defense broke fatally twice.

First in the 40th minute Jelson Martins was dropped on the right flank, he advanced and headed the ball across the floor in front of the door where Bass Dost caught it in the net. At the very end of the half-time defeat in the red failed to remove the ball from the penalty area, Bruno Cesar fought for it, which doubled with a thick jump. In the middle of the second half Sporting made the score classic after Bost Dost knocked a corner from a corner in the goal of Olympiacos. The guests returned one shot at the end, but for more they had no time and strength.

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