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Watford humiliated Newcastle

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Watford suffered a heavy loss to Newcastle 3-0 at St. James`s Park. It was the fourth consecutive loss for Rafael Benitez in the league. So after a good start the swarms gradually descend.

Will Hughes took Marco Silva`s team forward in the 19th minute. Just before the break, Yedlin`s own goal gave a solid advance to the guests, and in the 62nd minute Andre Gray put an end to the intrigue. Watford recorded the fourth win as a guest from the start of the season and is eighth with 21 points. The team played a very strong match and in the second straight game mentioned by soccer tips archive did not hit. The other pole was Newcastle, which rarely threatened the opponent`s door. Two shots of Hossela were the only strikes in the outline of the door.


0:1 - Hughes (19)

0:2 - Yedlin (45-aut)

0:3 - Gray (62)


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