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Zidane`s B plan does not work, reported in Madrid

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The past fight against Fuenlabrada has confirmed the obvious - this fall Real Madrid is far from its level a year ago, analyzes AS. On Tuesday night, the world club champion disappointed 2:2 against the third-placed Fuenlabrada in rematch of the 1/16-finals for the Cup of Spain, but still went ahead after 2:0 in the first match.

In this match coach Zinedine Zidane has bet on a lot of his reserves. Equality proved one thing - Plan B does not work. The basic formula of the success of the previous season does not work now. The match of Santiago Bernabeu is the most prominent proof of this. White reserves have a lot to improve in their game and if it was not Gareth Bale`s entry, the drama could be historic, write the AS.

The edition compares with the expressive success of 6:1 over Culturale Leones one year ago at the time when Real Madrid`s then B had no problems.

AS draws attention to the performances of some of the games analyzed by faq last night and the ratings are not high. Ashraf Hakimmi again showed an attack activity, but missed the last pass, write colleagues from Spain. `He`s still far from replacing Daniel Carvajal. On the left wing of the defense, Theo Hernandez missed the chance to prove himself. At the door, returning Keylor Navas gave the impression that he could have intervened better with the first goal. Matteo Kovacic is also far from being fit for the trauma so far.

Good marks are received by Markos Yorante, Nacho Fernandez and Borha Mayoral.

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