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The stars of Sampdoria are expensive

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Sampdoria`s president, Massimo Ferrero, will not break up easily with two of his most convertible footballers - Lucas Torreira and Dennis Praet. They have been followed by several English clubs from soccercapper and Atletico Madrid. Recently, in Spain, reports have emerged that Torreira is already negotiated, and in January he will wear the tuxedo shirt, but Ferrero is in a different opinion.

Torreira costs 50m euros, but he will not go anywhere in the winter. Whoever wants to buy Praet will have to prepare between 30 and 40 million, but we do not intend to split up with him, `said the sailor`s boss.

Lucas Torreira has 3 goals and 1 assault since the start of the season in Serie A, although he is a defensive midfielder. He is expected to make his debut for Uruguay`s national team very soon.

Praet was attracted by Anderlecht in 2016 against 10 million euros. The Belgian is the author of 3 finishing touches during the season.

Blog for soccer picks

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