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Gerrard praised Harry Kane

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The legend of Liverpool Steven Gerrard showered with praise the leader of Tottenham Harry Kane, who has been scoring goals in recent seasons.

During this campaign, the striker again failed to score goals in August, but in September he has had thirteen hits for his club from soccercapper and country, to demonstrate his impressive skills.

`At the moment he is the player who is in the best shape in world football. I like a lot what he does on the field, but also the character he has.`, commented Gerard in front of `Sky Sports`.

`I have met him a few times and I can say that he is a perfect role model and an ambassador for the game. I like his approach, and besides, I found out that during the training he works tirelessly, which is great and currently receives the award for his efforts. I am glad that he is English and wants to play for Liverpool. I really enjoyed his performance and I am very glad to see him!`, added the legendary player of the Reds.

Blog for soccer picks

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