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Barca targets the Real Madrid teenager

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The Barcelona Premier League player is interested in the adolescent of his great enemy in Spain Real Madrid, says Onda Cero. It`s about the 21-year-old striker Jose Anghel Posso who is currently wearing the shirt of the second division Spanish team Almeria. Posh is part of the Real Madrid football academy between 2007 and 2012, after which he was sold to Manchester City for 3 million euros. It is up to the citizens to start their professional career in 2014, but only scored 3 games with the English club`s shirt. In 2015 he switches to his current Almeria team.

The idea of the Catalans is to attract Poso in January, after which the player will finish the second half of the season in Barcelona B.

Since the start of the Segunda Division, Posso has 14 games according soccer picks and 2 goals.

Blog for soccer picks

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