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Monaco crossed the difficult road for a fourth consecutive win

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Champion Monaco recorded his fourth consecutive win in his League One game. Tonight, the Monegasque won 2-1 in their Wen midnight 19th round. Their success, however, did not come easily and they had to make a lot of effort to get the three points out. Radamel Falcoo opened the score in the 20th minute, but Wahib Hazri equalized in penalty 59th. Balde Keita, however, drew his team and scored the winning 81st minute. The first half did not predict such a development. The hosts took the lead in the 20th minute. Then Marcos Lopez made a bomb shot, but the ball came to Radamel Falcao, who sent her to the empty door.

Then the Monegasque made a few more misses, but in the second half the home game according faq was far from the same. This was the 59th minute when Jibril Sidibe pushed James Silikki back into the penalty area and the judge pointed to the white point. Wahib Hazri executed the penalty kick and was accurate to 1:1.

In the 81st minute, Sidibe was revanved for his mistake. He advanced almost to the outfit and centered on the uncovered Balde Keita, who at the point of penalty caught the ball and sent him to the net to bring the success of his team with 2:1. Thus, Monaco retains its second place in the 41-point ranking, as is the third Lyon. Rehn ranks 9th in the 25-point ranking.



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