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Florence:Against Juve we will see how much we value

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Roma midfielder Alessandro Florentzi is looking forward to the match against Juventus on Saturday. The Tifos` favorite of the `wolves` is convinced that in the derby with the champions the team will show their true face. `The dropping out of the Italian Cup was painful for us, but we can not think long because we are already fully focused on the upcoming Juventus match. ` This fight is of fundamental importance for Roma. this match mentioned by soccercapper gives 3 points for victory, but it will show how far we have come to our development and what we represent as a team, `Florentzi said.

After 17 rounds in Series A, Roma is 4th with 38 points, but there is also less. Juve is second with 41 points and leader Napoli has 42. In front of the `wolves` is Inter with 40 points.

Blog for soccer picks

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