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West Bromwich dropped Everton and increased his series without winning 18 games

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West Bromwich`s line-up without a Premier League victory rose to 18 games from soccer partners after the `thrusters` scored a zero draw with The Jones with Everton. The hosts created more positions and sought the victory, but failed to score a goal in Pickford`s door. Jose Salomon Rondon and Craig Dawson missed the cleanest opportunities after failing to make a comeback. Sam Arardyis was again too defensive, with the `caramel` making his first shot just in the 50th minute. For Everton, however, this is the seventh consecutive Premier League game without losing.

Yannick Bollasie returned to play after more than a year of absence but could not inspire his team for anything more and was replaced in the 61st minute. Everton is the ninth with a 27-point asset. UBA is the penultimate place.


Blog for soccer picks

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