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Grizzan is Barca`s No. 1 goal

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Atletico Madrid`s top scorer Antoine Grisman is Barcelona`s No. 1 transfer goal for 2018, says El Mundo Deportivo.Coach Ernesto Valverde and directors Pep Segura and Robert Fernandez unanimously came to the conclusion that the French striker is the most appropriate person to reinforce the team.

The Catalan edition adds that the Graziman`s freezing clause, which he signedin a loyalty figure last summer, is now 200 million euros, but from July 1 it will fall to 100 million.Manchester United also has a strong interest in Grossman, but Camp Nou has been confident that the attacker will prefer to stay in Spain.The Catalans will try to reach a deal with Atletico before the start of the World Cup in Russia, but the deal will be finalized after July 1 due to the above-mentioned condition.

Blog for soccer picks

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