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A 9-minute whirlwind ranked Newcastle ahead

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The Newcastle Premier League`s unbeaten team delighted their fans with a good victory in the Football Association Cup and the fourth round. At their St. James Park, players Rafael Benitez hit 3:1 in the Luton Second League. The swarms guaranteed a three-goal continuation within nine minutes before the break. In the 30th and 36th minutes Ayosse Perez gave an excellent Newcastle advance, and after another three minutes scored and Jonjo Shelvi.

The Luton players, who have been the best team ever since the start of the season, have only managed to win a goal by goal-scorer Daniel Hilton. In the 74th minute the guests hit a beam. It was a little comfort for those 7800 of their supporters who arrived for the fight. Totally on the stands, there were 47, 069 - a Newcastle home record for the 13-year event.

Newcastle has only six wins after 22 rounds in the Premier League and is a step away from the relegation.

Newcastle - Luton 3:1

1:0 Perez (30)

2:0 Perez (36)

3:0 Shelby (39)

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