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Only Bale did not reach, Real lost points in Vigo

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The title in La Liga is now just a mirage for Real Madrid. The European club mentioned by soccer partners champion failed to win his visit to Celta and the meeting ended 2:2 and the `white` are already lagging behind 16 points by Barcelona leader, although they have a less game. The Madridians played poorly, especially after the break, when they failed to keep their advances, and could even make a complete turnaround. Gareth Bale was the only one in Zinedine Zidane`s team to make it to the top, and it was he who made the two goals for Los Merenges. The Welsh scored in the 36th and 38th minutes, eliminating the lead of Celta given by Daniel Vas (33 `). In the second half Keillor Navas saved a penalty for Yagos Aspas, but in the 82nd minute, Maximiliano Gomez brought the Galician equals. Real Madrid is 4th in the standings and will have to pursue Atletico Madrid and Valencia, who have won their 18th round games. Celta stayed 14th, but it has only 2 points less than the 8th Athletic Bilbao. It`s interesting to note that a month ago Vigo made 2:2 with Barcelona but as a guest.

Gareth Bale appeared in the los Blancos lineup. The other two in the top positions were Cristiano Ronaldo and Isco. The trio in the middle of the pitch formed Luca Modric, Casemiro and Toni Kroos. The defense was missing the injured Sergio Ramos, which opened a chance for Nacho Fernandez. Ashraf Hakimi took the position of Daniel Carvajal to the right.

Celta came to Balaidos with three in attack, Jagos Aspas, Maximiliano Gomez and Pioneer Sisto. Among the 11 Galicians, Factoro Roncalia and Nemanja Radoia returned. Bale was at the base of the first dangerous attack of the guests, but he slowed and Celta`s soccer player cleared the ball away from the door. Celta responded with Maxi Gomez`s excellent pass to Aspas, but Nacho extended his leg and prevented a goal opportunity. In the 12th minute luck helped Real. The central defenders forgot about Jagos Aspas and he caught the ball after a good centering of Hugo Mayo but hit the crossbar. The Madridians had territorial dominance, but Celta`s controls were very dangerous. Cristiano Ronaldo rarely played with the ball and repeatedly replied Jaime Latere, who was unhappy with his judgments. In the 24th minute, another rapid attack of Celta cut the visitors` defense, the ball reached the naked Daniel Vas, but his shot was weak and inaccurate. Seconds later, Kazemiro made a powerful shot outside the penalty area, and Ruben Blanco with a deadly squalid shot in the corner. In the 33rd minute you were again free and there was time to decide what to do. The Danishman advanced and surprisingly knocked the ball over Kayor Navas, who had nothing to do - 1:0. Real has been claiming ambush at Jagos Aspas` passport to you, but there was no such thing. The hosts could take advantage of Real`s strife and make a second strike, but Navas had a good position and saved Aspas. The Madridians did not have a clear goal so far but quickly equalized. Toni Kroos was handed in, and Bale slipped from the defenders in the blue sky and technically dropped the ball past Blanco. the guests` check-up started with a fatal mistake by Maxi Gomez,

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