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A new big goalkeeper`s failure for Real Madrid

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Real Madrid`s manager will probably not be able to attract Athletic Bilbao Kepa Arisabaglau goalkeeper, Spanish leading media Marca and AS write. The 23-year-old Basque guard has decided to sign a new contract with the lions and thus to concretise San Marys with an impressive ransom clause. The contract must happen next week. The goalkeeper and the Los Blancos had come to an agreement and the transfer was expected in January. However, injury has failed the deal, and the watchman does not want to wait until June and so risk being taken out of the coach`s coach Jose Siganda. Kepa made his choice, realizing that he was not wanted by the coach of Real Zinedine Zidane. The French specialist believes his two goalkeepers, Keelor Navas and Kiko Cassia, and Florentino Perez`s decision to come to a new goalkeeper was against the will of the coach.

Kepa wants to go up and if he stays in Bilbao, he will have a much better chance of getting into Yule Lopethegi`s accounts for the World Cup in Russia. The Spanish media reminded that this was not Santiago Bernabeu`s first goalkeeper`s failure. A few seasons ago, a delay in documents broke the deal for David de Hea. The attempts of the Madrid club mentioned by soccer livescores to secure the services of Tibor Courtoa have so far hit a stone.

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