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England disappointed in another victory

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England scored the eighth win of 10 World Cup Qualifiers.This time, the team won 1: 0 in their visit to Lithuania.The only goal in the game was scored by Harry Kain in the 27th minute of a penalty won by Dele Ali.Gareth Southgate had given a chance to some of the younger players, but the team once again disappointed with their performance, although without any problems he finished first in the group.

For England the debut was made by Tottenham midfielder Harry Winx and the defenderof Lester Harry Maguire.Southgate experimented with three in the center of the defense.Winx was introduced to the level as he was near the goal in the second.On the pitch he had the support of three of his teammates from Tottenham in the face of Tripir, Ali and Kane.Dele Ali was knocked out of the box but left the ball to the striker, Kane scored naked in all four England captains.

Lithuania came to some excellent opportunities to scout, but the absence of a final analyzed by soccer partners shot deprived the hosts of at least a draw.Goalkeeper Jack Butland had to make a great rescue after Michael Keane in his attempt to clear the ball to the net.


0: 1 - Kane (27-th)

Final classification in group F:

England - 26 points

2.Slovakia - 18

Scotland - 18

4.Slovenia - 15

5.Lithuania - 6

6.Malta - 1

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