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Marseille breaks Metz in a spectacle of `Velodrome`

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Olympique Marseille`s team scored an expected 6:3 victory against the last in the Metz qualifying team. The duel between the two teams was from the 24th round of the French League 1 and was played at the Velodrome stadium. Quite a few fans in the stands, however, may be pleased to have decided to visit this game, which was a real goal show. The show started with two quick goals for the hosts. As early as the 6th minute, Morgan Sanson was taken to the penalty area, and though he slipped, he managed to knock the ball past the goal keeper and score for 1:0. Just three minutes later, Sanson and Florian Toven made a great combination with each other. Thoen drew a sanson on the wing, centered in the penalty area, where he again found Toven, who with a volley shot was accurate to 2-0. At the very end of the half time, the score became classic. Valer Gherman received a pass at a speed, he knocked the ball past the goalkeeper, defender tried to clear the goal but right at the toe of the toddler Taven and the ball came to the third pot in the net. At the start of the second half, Marseilles quickly pushed two more goals. In the 50th minute, Germen was found centered in the penalty and technically knocked the ball past the goalkeeper for 4:0. Then in the 56th minute Thoen formed his hat-trick, spotting Dimitri Pye`s centering.

The serious lead, however, led to the home side`s draw and Metz returned a goal in the 73rd minute. Then Nolan Ru tried a kick with a heel that was blocked by a defender, but the ball fell into Floran Mole, who sent her to the 5-1 draw. The guests` joy was short and only a minute later Marseille returned its five-goal lead. Pye was pulled out of defense and passed to uncovered Costas Mitroglu, who scored in the empty door for 6:1. But at the end of the match, Metz made his loss more honorable with two more goals. In the 84th minute Daniel Milicevic with a fifth back for Mole, who hit his second goal in the match for 6:2. In the 90th minute, Ivan Baliu centered on Ibrahima Neneh, who made the final predicted by soccercapper 6:3 with his head. This victory climbed Marseilles in 2nd place in the standings with a total of 51 points but also a match more than the rest of the teams around. Metz remains at the bottom with only 18 points earned so far.



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