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Victoria Pilsen pulled 1:1 against Partizan in Belgrade

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Czech Republic Pilsen was pleased with Belgrade after losing 1-1 as a guest from Partizan in the first 1/16-final of the Europa League. The duel passed under the dungeons of the `graders, ` but the first goal in the game advised by soccer livescores fell only after an hour of play when Leandro Tabamba opened his head after shuffling into the guest`s penalty area and sent the stands to delirium. The Czechs reached the equalizer goal in the 81st minute by Radim Reznik, with the hosts claiming that the goal was irregular.

They claimed to be ambushed by Michael Krummenchik, who returned the ball with a head from the outfit, before she could reach Reznik and then into the net.


Blog for soccer picks

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