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Captain Petersen saved Freiburg in the rain

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The usual suspect, Nils Petersen, was the main player for Freiburg with Werder (Bremen) and brought a minimal success to his team - 1:0. The striker became the author of the only shot under the unceasing rain of the Schwartzwald stadium, which came from a penalty in the 24th minute. During the second half, the hosts received another 11-meter penalty kick, which was missed by Yannick Haberer two minutes before the end of regular time. Between the two penalties, guests from Bremen were much more active and insistent than their opponents, but they did not manage to reach the goal and thus stayed on the edge of the relegation zone.

The goal was under 50 for Petersen in the Bundesliga and under No. 30 for him with the team of Freiburg in the elite. The captain has 21 hits for the second Bundesliga. By today`s three points, Freiburg gathered a total of 28 and is in 12th position while Werder is on the fifteenth place with 23 points, as is the sixteenth in the table - Mainz 05.




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