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Wenger for the penalty: Stupid, even scandalous!

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Arsene Wenger accused the referee of defeating Arsenal with 1: 2 from Watford in the late Saturday game mentioned by soccer picks of the Premier League program.The Londoners took the lead to 71 minutes when the hosts received a penalty kick.

The penalty decision was stupid, even scandalous, but what could we do ?!Nothing.We can talk and talk, but they finally got us naked, `the angry manager said.` According to Judge Neal Surbrick, there was a violation of Ector Belerin against Ricardlison.True to the white point was Troy Deyne, and in the last few seconds Tom Cleverley scored the second goal for Watford.

In the first half we played very well, but after the break we took down the level.Nevertheless, we had chances to score two or three goals, Wenger added.

Blog for soccer picks

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